Dear Jane,
Each morning as I drive up the driveway to begin another day and each evening when I leave, I am reminded of the Campus Beautification Day and the work that you did to help us achieve a most welcomed look. It is difficult to believe that almost two months have passed since that day in May when we worked together to plant trees, shrubs and perennials following your masterful plan. At long last I am sending this note of thanks to you for joining us May 1 and helping to dig and plant and water. I am pleased to tell you that everything is still alive and doing well, and we fully intend to keep it that way.
As one who has tried to improve our appearance with only minimal results, I am still overwhelmed by the change that has been effected. Each morning when I walk by the front planter a new flower has bloomed – what a wonderful way to start the day! I truly appreciate everything you did that day to help spruce up the campus! I cannot ever really thank you enough, but please know that I am most grateful for your generosity of time and effort. You have, indeed, made a valuable and lasting contribution to Concord Carlisle High School. Sincerely yours,

Elaine DiCicco, Principal